Traslada tu carga pesada de forma fiable con MacGlobal. 

The transportation of large, heavy and/or delicate loads can be difficult. With the goods transport services of MACGLOBAL, you will obtain the knowledge and experience that you need to guarantee that your oversized project cargo reaches its destination securely and punctually. Allow us to take care of the logistics, so that you don’t need to worry.

We offer our oversized load service thanks to our experience and knowledge in order to move large loads from one point to another. We can handle one-piece loads, from transformers to boats and much more!


At MACGLOBAL, we specialise in the transport and logistics of exceptional loads. We are here to help with your most complex projects, no matter the size or weight. Don’t let the size or weight of a load prevent you from moving it.

Our specialised team has the necessary experience and technical knowledge to handle and move heavy and oversized goods safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. We easily transport your piece from point A to B.

We easily transport your oversized load from point A to point B. We can transport your special load by lorry, boat or plane. With our extensive experience and technical knowledge, you can be certain that your oversized loads will arrive safely and on time.

Easily move oversized and heavy loads.

Experience in global logistics at your service.

MACGLOBAL is the integral solution for all your global logistics needs. Our experience handling oversized and heavy loads makes us the perfect partner for any project. We offer comprehensive services, from the transportation of goods, to the customs office, so you can transport very heavy loads to your destination without any problems. 

 Let us help you to move the impossible. 

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We move the impossible

Flexible and expert logistics solutions

The load of oversize projects requires specialised knowledge and flexibility in order to guarantee the success of the transport from the origin to the destination.

With our team of logistics experts, you can be certain that your oversized load will be delivered securely and efficiently. The experience of MACGLOBAL is what your company needs for a successful transport process.

Solutions for your unique cargo needs.

From chemical products and gas to electrical energy, at MACGLOBAL we have the experienced team that can handle your unique cargo needs. Extensive experience, and a true passion to find solutions for the challenges that are presented.

With MACGLOBAL you will achieve the perfect solution for your oversized project cargo today.

We handle your oversized project cargo with ease.

Our international logistics team, experienced and highly qualified, can take charge of any heavy transportation project, no matter the size or distance. We specialise in the secure transportation of large and complex items, so you can be certain that your cargo will reach its destination exactly as it left.

Somos tu socio para todas las soluciones logísticas: transporte especial, terrestre y marítimo, aéreo, petróleo y gas, energías renovables y aeroespacial

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