Trust Hand Carry to deliver your goods in the most urgent situations. 

At MACGLOBAL we have an extensive network of staff and our strategic positioning ensure that your goods are delivered quickly, efficiently and safely, regardless of the destination. Call us today to get started.

Don’t let distance slow you down. Hand Carry ensures that your goods are delivered quickly and efficiently with agility and control. Trust in MacGlobal to ensure that your goods get to where they need to be, when they need to be there. 

Hand Carry is the perfect service for reducing travel times over long distances and ensuring that your critical emergencies are handled quickly and efficiently. 

Commit to speed
and security

When the situation demands it, you need a quick and secure service that you can trust. With our Hand Carry service you will obtain agility and control whenever you need to transport vital goods from one point to another. Our specialized couriers can travel on flights to guarantee that your cargo arrives quickly and securely.

Get your goods delivered quickly and reliably with our hand carry service. Our couriers are specialized, reliable, and determined to get your load to its destination quickly.

More information about our Hand Carry service

Guaranteed delivery by hand.

When time is essential, our Hand Carry service means your goods arrive quickly. Whether it is small size shipments for the financial sector such as special items for jewellery, your goods get to where they need to get to quickly and securely with our reliable couriers.

When dealing with small size shipments, trust MACGLOBAL to get your valuable items to their destination. Our qualified staff and our strategic positioning guarantee a 100% efficient service that connects the origin and destination in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

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We take your goods where they need to go, urgently.

When speed is essential, trust our Hand Carry service for a reliable delivery by hand of your goods. Our specialized couriers use their experience, responsibility, and determination to ensure that your cargo arrives on time.

Obtain the best results

When you need immediate results, hand carry is the way forward. Perfect for critical emergencies and reducing travel times over long distances, our hand carry service guarantees that your cargo reaches its destination quickly and securely.

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